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Space Weather News for Dec. 31, 2007

SOLAR ACTIVITY: The New Year could begin with a bang--or rather a solar flare. A sunspot hidden just behind the sun's eastern limb has unleashed two X-ray flares and a bright CME (coronal mass ejection) in the past 24 hours. This activity could signal the return of large sunspot 978, which has spent the last two weeks transiting the far side of the sun. Today or tomorrow, the sun's rotation should carry the active region over the limb and into view from Earth; then we can evaluate its potential for more flares and CMEs. Visit http://spaceweather.com/ for images and updates.

HEAVENLY MEETING: Last night, emerald Comet 8P/Tuttle glided by spiral galaxy M33 producing a heavenly scene for astrophotographers around the world. Dozens of photos may be found in Spaceweather's Comet Tuttle gallery: http://spaceweather.com/comets/gallery_tuttle_page4.htm

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