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Earth Observatory: What's New Week of 18 March 2008

The latest from NASA's Earth Observatory (18 March 2008)

In the News:

* Latest Images:
Rabaul Volcano, New Britain


Spitsbergen, Svalbard


La Nina Greenup Patterns


Lake Fucine, Italy


Serra da Cangalha Crater, Brazil


Chorabari Glacier, India


Lunar Eclipse from Orbit


Smoke Over the Amazon in 2005 and 2006


* NASA News

- Researchers Say Arctic Sea Ice Still at Risk Despite Cold Winter
- NASA Satellite Measures Pollution From East Asia to North America
- Scientists Solve 50-Year-Old Mystery of Oceans' Seismic 'Buzz'
- Spring is Aurora Season
- Improving Weather Forecasts, One Storm â€" and One Partner â€" at a Time
- Greenland's Rising Air Temperatures Drive Ice Loss at Surface and Beyond
- NASA Co-Sponsors Ocean Voyage to Probe Climate-Relevant Gases
- Greenland's Rising Air Temperatures Drive Ice Loss at Surface and Beyond
- Greenland's Rising Air Temperatures Drive Ice Loss at Surface and Beyond
- 2007 Hurricane Season Starts Early, Ends Late
- Ocean-Observing Satellites Help Break Current Records
- CALIPSO Takes Its One-Billionth Measurement
- NASA Scientist Leads International Expedition to Antarctica In Search of
Extreme Organisms

* Media Alerts

- Increased Carbon Dioxide in Atmosphere Linked to Decreased Soil Organic
- Stratospheric Ozone Chemistry Plays an Important Role for Atmospheric
Airflow Patterns
- 'Breath' of the Ocean Links Fish Feeding, Reefs, Climate
- New Method to Estimate Sea Ice Thickness
- Rock Studies Help Crack Questions of Glacier Thinning in West Antarctica

* Headlines from the press, radio, and television:

- Earthquake Activity is Frozen by Ice Sheets
- Global Warming Hits Tropical Glaciers in the Andes
- 2007 Floods 'No Link to Climate'
- Global Warming Not Always to Blame for Extreme Winters
- Map Sheds Light on Hothouse World
- It Took Eons to Make Grand Canyon Grand
- Outlook for Oceans Bleak as Sea 'Deserts' Grow
- Only Zero Emissions Can Prevent a Warmer Planet
- Climate Secrets of Marine Snail
- Gas Releases Helped End Ice Ages
- Heavy Rain Can Trigger Earthquakes
- Backyard Gardeners Keep Tabs on Warming
- Antarctic Glaciers Surge to Ocean
- Study Debunks Global Cooling Concern of '70s
- Avalanche Forecast Worsens with Warming
- Scientists Read Antarctic Mud for Climate Change Insight
- Support for a Theory as to Why Land Sinks Along the Gulf Coast
- How Satellites Saved the World
- Corals May Get Help Adapting to Warmer Waters
- Book Takes Wide-Angle View of a Changing Planet
- Warming Risks Antarctic Sea Life
- Research Shows Southern Ocean Wind Currents Weakening
- Study into Intense Rain Patterns
- Map Shows Toll on World's Oceans
- Sea's Thermostat Protects Reefs
- Lava and Water Battled at Grand Canyon
- King Penguin Could be Wiped Out by Warming
- Ancient Global Warming Gave Bugs the Munchies
- 'Ocean Thermostat' can Save Coral
- Experts Challenge Ice Shelf Claim
- Nevada Supervolcano's Flesh Exposed
- The Race to Chase Sahara's Sand

* New Research Highlights


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