sexta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2011

Earth Observatory: What's New Week of 06 September2011

The latest from NASA's Earth Observatory (06 September 2011)

Latest Images:

* 101 Ranch Fire Burn Scar

* The Blue Mountains, Australia

* India-Pakistan Borderlands at Night

* Hunza Valley Landslide Lake

* Red Rock Fire, Wyoming

* Irene's Sediment in New York Harbor

* The Millions-Mile View of Earth and Moon

* U.S. Heat Wave and Earthâ?Ts Energy Balance


Recent Blog Posts:

Earth Matters
* News Roundup: Antarctic Ice Flow, Faux Climate Controversy, and More

Notes from the Field
* Eco-3D Biographies

* Data Acquired and Lessons Learned

* International Forests

* Return to the Northern Flights


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